The Honeymeade heard of pedigree polled Hereford cattle and pedigree Ryeland sheep

Based in the heart of sunny Suffolk you will find the Honeymeade farm dedicated to producing pure pedigree polled Herefords and pure pedigree ryeland sheep.

Ros started with a few Ryeland ewes from Mr Mence from the Cagedale flock in Hereford along with a young ram (Samson) the flock has grown over the past 5 or so years into a substantial flock producing some very good quality ewes and lambs.

The flock is now at the stage where we do have some stock for sale a different times of the year. Please call for details.

The Hereford herd is based on the weybrook herd in Basingstoke the home of polled herefords. Our foundation cow is Panmure 1 Blessing B1 who is producing some fine animals by our fabulous bull Weybrook Caleb who has turned out to be the most gentle and placid bull combined with unquestionable fertility and a presence and look of a great bull. his first crop of calves are exceptional and have the mark of great genes.

As with the sheep we do occasionally have some stock for sale on our for sale page.

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